A couple of days ago, while returning from work, I was looking at the sky and the Sun and wondering how they look the same on almost all the days at that time. And how they would look the same when I stop gazing, and even when I stop existing. And how they have always looked the same, long before I existed, or my great grandmother existed. Before and after the wars, protests, freedom movements, new theories, abolishment of the irrelevant institutions and practices, battles, pandemics, riots, and everything in between, the earth keeps moving around the Sun and on its own axis.

After all of this is over, when human existence becomes ancient history, and all that is left of us is the fossils with no one interested to study our remnants, the earth will still keep revolving around the Sun and keep rotating on its axis. Every day, I remind myself of this and every time I do, I forget about the lists I have made for myself, those 6 grey hair on my scalp reminding everyone how I am getting older and still don’t find myself prepared for marriage (please don’t tell me if you spot more than six), what my waist size should be v/s what it is, the flaws that are known to everyone and the shortcomings that only my soul identifies, my inability to keep up with how fast things are changing, others’ success stories, the unfinished tasks, the questions I can’t seem to find the answers to, the problems I have no solutions for, and just everything. In those moments, when I think about the earth and the sky and the Sun, I just live in the present, with no guilt for the things that went wrong in the past and no fear of what may happen in the future.

I have come to realize that the mind for some reason is a constant traveler. You would think that once you get that degree, your mind would learn to wander less and rest more or when you get that job, it would begin to enjoy the stillness or when you get that house, it would not be tempted to keep on chasing the things restlessly. But it does not stop traveling, no matter where you go, what you have, and how far you have come. So you have to train it to hit the pause button amidst the chaos, the noise, the constant motion, and activity, every single day, and sometimes more than once every day. And when you do pause it, the mind stops looking for grand reasons to be happy because it finds contentment in being alive and at peace.

It does not happen overnight because the mind is conditioned to keep thinking, over-analyzing, and contemplating until it is too much to take. But if it could learn to be comfortable with the constant activity and chaos, it can definitely be trained to be happy when nothing extra-ordinary is happening, when there is the absence of sadness and that seems enough. So allow yourself to hit the pause button, not think of anything, and not worry about not thinking.

In the moments when it is all paused, the sky looks prettier, the Sun seems happier, and life feels good, not great, but good. And once you do it, you realize that we underestimate the potential of the good. Because honestly, on most days, it is enough.

So..Happy Pausing!