It is weird and unfair in a strange way, that we hype the beginnings so much and underestimate the indomitable power of ‘the end’. ‘Start afresh’, ‘A new beginning’, ‘A new day’, ‘Sunrise’ – these make for some influential components of motivational speeches, popular captions and hashtags because of how positive they sound and how beautifully they give hope… of a better tomorrow, a happier future, of the possibility of turning those big dreams into a reality that is tangible and inspiring.

But we forget how new sentences are followed by full stops, how the freshness brought in by anything new, is felt at its best after we conclude a significant and rough story, how a sunset can teach the lessons no educational institute will ever have the courage to include in their curriculum. Sometimes, it is not as much about the beginnings as it is about the end. The relationship that is guilty of stealing everything that makes you ‘you’, the marriage you have been holding onto because you are afraid of being labelled ‘divorced’, the habit that will only drag you the places you don’t want to be found at, the job that is sucking the life in you, bit by bit, every day, so meticulously that you observe it and yet, can’t let go of it- END IT. Just end it.

It is insane how we dream of a tomorrow that is absolutely different from the reality that our life is today and yet, we are either too lazy or too emotional to do something about it or even come up a with a plan that takes us a step closer to where we actually want to be. Get rid of the strings of attachment that are paralyzing your wings and the cement of fear binding you. I know it is hard; it is hard to bid farewell to the city you have lived in all your life, to tell your partner that it is not working out, to resign from the job that pays your bills, to let the world know that you had been living a lie for years, to step out of the comfort zone built on the foundation of the dreams that are not even yours, to get rid of their clothes, those movie tickets, chocolate wrappers and imaginations that had a meaning in the past but are irrelevant now, to let the pain leave your system, the pain that your heart has become so habitual of enduring that it seems almost impossible to live without it.

It is pleasantly cold in the initial phase of the onset of the winters, so you don’t use the geyser but your bare body gets goose flesh on the mere thought of coming in contact with the cold water. You just have to be brave enough to pour the first bathroom tumbler filled with water and the ones that follow, are easy. Ending a chapter in your life, is just like that and I know I could have come up with a poetic analogy but we all relate to this, right? So just end what you started with big hopes, thinking that it would go on for a lifetime, finish reading the book you are afraid to keep aside regardless of how horrifying it is, discard the gifts that are no longer capable of gifting you any happiness and quit the job that is making all of this sound like your story.

And you know what is the best part about the endings? You don’t have to wait for a Monday, or the first of the next month or 7:00am tomorrow. Unlike the beginnings, the endings do not really follow the trends and you don’t have to wait for a muhurat or a sign from the Universe or for someone else to show you how it is done; just do it, do it today, do it right now!

And somewhere at the end of the tunnel of the struggle of moving on after you do it, you are going to find yourself and you will fall in love with who find there, like you never have before!