“Back in 2013, when this guy I was following on Facebook sent me a message to ask me to read the book he had written (which I didn’t read for four years), it didn’t occur to me even once that in the December of 2017, he would send me a message again and we would actually start talking. The flow of our conversations was so smooth and comforting that we soon exchanged numbers and things just got more pleasant. He was working in Dubai and I was working while pursuing my masters in London; our friendship was this sweet little thing in its budding stage, so I wasn’t expecting anything more than a plain wish on my birthday in January because my sanity would not have allowed me to. But what did his desire to make my day special know about sanity? He, without dropping the tiniest hint, used my LinkedIn profile (yes, of all things and platforms, LinkedIn made things happen!) to find out about the place I worked at and made arrangements to ensure that I smiled my biggest smile on seeing a cake with a name tag, bearing the nickname he had for me..! For the two people on different continents, with the birthday girl so famished and over worked that all she could think of was a good meal and had almost forgotten that it was her birthday, it was a gesture too overwhelming to overlook.

It didn’t take him very long to confess that he wanted to take things further and I didn’t have to do a lot of contemplation to refuse because I was certain that I didn’t want a long distance relationship in that given phase of my life. But deep down, I wanted to know what the best of that companionship would feel like. We continued talking and in all honesty, things continued getting more beautiful, despite my unwavering refusal.

In the February of 2018, he was in India and co-incidentally, I was supposed to be in India in the last week of the same month for something important but I knew he would go back to Dubai by then and I would miss what felt like my only chance to meet this friend of mine. So I rescheduled the whole thing to make sure we could meet at the Delhi airport. But you know how your mind sometimes plays these tricky and confusing games with you and insists you to overthink and overanalyze the simplest of things; I fell prey to these silly and exhausting games and ended up calling off the meeting because I didn’t want to initiate something I thought could not complete.”

Continued in Part:2