“But then, the voice that originates from the most loved corner of your heart, is way more powerful than the entrapment of overthinking, the voice that told me that may be, a few years down the road, I would be at an airport and would regret having cancelled that meeting, the voice that reminded me that I didn’t have anything to lose, the voice that made me meet him at one of the cafeterias of the Delhi airport. We were together for five hours and never had I ever before that meeting thought that five hours could feel like a few minutes, that my first meeting with someone could flow as organically as if it was insane to realize that it was the first one, that it doesn’t take a thousand chats and a hundred romantic dates to discover the kind of connection that comforts you like the sight of your home after a long journey, that it could be so convenient to feel amazing about yourself in someone’s presence that the only thing wrong about meeting them is the meeting coming to an end because you have a flight to catch! By the way, he booked a ticket to Hyderabad just to meet me at the airport and however crazy that may sound, you have to admit that it’s details like these that makes your heart melt like never before!

Soon after this, he told me how his feelings for me had discovered a new depth and this time, the part of me that wanted more of him, didn’t let me refuse but for some reason, I did not say anything. A few days later, I was listening to this podcast ‘7 signs that you have found your soulmate’ and I couldn’t stop thinking of him. Honestly, the kind of love your soul craves for, doesn’t need a confirmation or validation from a podcast because when you finally find it; every inch of you feels it but sometimes, you need a push to just go for it! I knew I had found ‘the one’ when I was not even looking for him and I knew it would be foolish of me to let him go. So that night, I typed ‘Dayal, I love you..’ and sent him. Most people these days say ‘I love you’ a lot more than they should; to the people they don’t really love, in the situations they don’t want to, in the relationships they don’t mean to and they say it so often that they forget what an I love you is actually capable of doing and what it really stands for. I am saying this because for us, that one ‘I love you’, was all it took.. It took us an ‘I love you’ to talk to our parents about the two of us, it took us an ‘I love you’ to not give up on each other when a pandit ji told that I was a maanglik and since he was not, the aftermath of our marriage could be unpleasant; it took us an ‘I love you’ to tell our families that no matter what, we would not back off just like that, it took us what may seem like ‘just’ an I love you, because we meant it and we knew what it meant to be in love. We met one priest after the other to find a possible way out through an arrangement or a solution until we finally found one!

Our story began with a Facebook chat, got stuck at kundlis and became more beautiful than we ever imagined it to be after we got married. In the October of 2020, we will complete two years of our marriage and thinking of this, makes me want to thank that voice of my heart with all I have to make me meet him that day at the airport because most people spend years being in a relationship and yet fail to see their soul mate in their partner and it took us just five hours (again, those felt like a few minutes!) to see that in each other, because when you fall in love with a beautiful man who loves you for who you are and just the way you are, you find it easier to make a lemonade when life gives you lemons, because no matter what happens next and which part of the world we live in, he is and will always be the most beautiful thing to have happened to me.”